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tv   New Day  CNN  April 19, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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secretary tom price. now there is going to be a run off. but, boy, what a difference from what has usually happened in that district. >> that means that ossoff will compete in june against the distant second place finisher, the republican. karen will join us in minutes with her explanation of what happened there. president trump claiming, though, victory after this high profile race. he called it a win for himself and the gop somehow. a lot at stake on this day 90 of the president trump presidency. >> the president put a healthy amount of political capital into this election and republicans ended upside stepping what could have been a humiliating outcome in a solid republican district. democrats this morning hoping what happened last night is a window on next year's midterm
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elections. >> you all ready to flip the six? >> the closely watched special election for georgia's sixth district headed for a run off with both sides claiming victory. after 30-year-old political newcomer jon ossoff fell just short of an outright win. >> there is no doubt that this is already a victory for the ages. >> on june 20th, we keep the sixth district red and kick a little ossoff. >> he will face-off against karen in june for the seat held by the former press secretary. a preview of next year's mid-term elections. president trump taking credit for the results, hailing the run off as a win, despite ossoff's strong showing tweeting despite
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major outside money, fake media support and 11 republican candidates, big r win with run off in georgia. glad to be of help. the president was personally invested in the election, bashing the democratic contender in a barrage of tweets and even recording a robocall to encourage republicans to get out and vote. >> president trump beat hillary clinton in this republican stronghold by 1% last november, compared to mitt romney's decisive victory in 2012, prompting democrats to target the seat. $8.3 million into his campaign. this election comes as the president signs an executive order targeting highly skilled workers that are taking the jobs of americans. >> we are going to protect our jobs and finally put america
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first. >> mr. trump also tauting the successes of his presidency. >> no administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days. >> the president expected to appear here at the white house today with new england patriots football team to celebrate and congratulate them for their super bowl victory. their appearance here expected on the same day the tight end -- the former tight end for the new england patriots and convicted murderer aaron hernandez was found dead from suicide in prison. >> thank you very much. let's bring in david gregory and patrick healy. we have david sanger, national security correspondent for "the new york times." let's start with the big picture of what happened last night in georgia. jon ossoff got more than 48% of
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the vote in this republican district that was home to newt gingrich, tom price, et cetera. by the way, he is not a household name, jon ossoff. how did this happen? >> yeah, first-time candidate. he came out of the gate running against donald trump. he made it clear his message was going to be make trump furious. that was one of his tag lines and that a vote for jon ossoff was a vote against trump. in kansas the democrat needed trump voters, in georgia it was sort of a clear referendum on how people felt about trump, about tom price who trump brought into the cabinet. the reality is the democrat did not get over the 50% threshold, but he so overperformed what a typical democrat would do, especially a first-time candidate, it's significant. you know, it gives the democrats at least more fire in the belly right now. there is going to this will go .
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you do have a little bit of a demo shift here, right? you have college educated whites that didn't vote for trump as emphatically. you have women that's a pretty active vote in this district. but, david, the president said, despite major outside money, true, there was a lot of money by democrats put in this, and it was outside. fake media support, untrue. because nobody was talking up ossoff. everybody was talking about what's going to happen there because trump is weighing in so heavily and the fact that ossoff is a knee you fite made it more of a proxy battle. the only thing that seems fake is trump coming out and saying
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this was good for republicans, that they gave away 48% of the vote to somebody that nobody knows. >> yeah, right. this is trump at his most hyperbolic when he's talking about himself and elections, right? so i think that could be discounted. this is a blow against republicans and trump at this particular moment in time. i think we always have a tendency to overread the special elections. they are not great har venn gers of the future. what's true her is democrats are excited. they are fired up and they are going to make trump the issue. when you have a president who has got historically low approval ratings, he's vulnerable. the flip side of it is, however, that we know this is a soft district for trump generally -- i mean specifically and generally more upscale college educated white voters are more typically republican, less trump republican in terms of the
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election last year and democrats still are fighting a battle about how progressive they will be moving forward and whether that's going to attract more moderate or moderate right voters. that's what trump was trying to hammer on in some of his robocalls and outreach. >> how do you see what happened last night? >> what strikes me is that tom price won this district just back in november with over 60% of the vote. so the fracturing tells you how much, not only mr. trump is being re-evaluated, but how much some of the agagenda. price stood for the health care agenda here. it's also interesting in a break down of how each of those four pro-trump republicans did there. and none of them seemed to bring in a whole lot of enthusiasm. nobody was able to go grab the
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mantle he had. maybe the field was just too crowded. >> david, let me stay with you. north korea, what we're seeing with the vice president, strong words for north korea. you know this issue very well. is there a remarkable difference so far in your mind between strategic patience and what we're seeing with the trump agenda? >> no, there isn't. and that's what's really fascinating here. the news that the karl vincent, the aircraft carrier group went ahead and did what was previously scheduled to do with the australians and didn't turn around a day or two ago despite what the white house was saying tells you a lot of the words were about intimidation but no real change in policy. the policy itself still seems to be a combination of economic pressure and pressure on the chinese, and then as we have written and did again this morning, this fascinating,
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covert program to try to sabotage the missile launches. those are all signatures of the obama era. so this will only change, i think, if it turns out to the chinese don't actually execute. and then the president is going to have to make some big decisions about whether or not he will be more frontal in the way that he confronts the north koreans. >> can i just add? i just want to add to the greater context here. look at the continuity on north korea, despite tactical differences and on iran. i think the difference here tactically is that president trump wants to come across as unhinged, as totally unpredictable, as a little, you know, too crazy to deal with, frankly. and i think he wants to project that to the chinese and certainly to the north koreans. he prizes that a little bit.
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he mentioned this during the campaign. we'll see how it plays out. because ultimately you can have continuity and different tactics, but if it is another test you have to make a difficult decision. >> all of this set against the backdrop against the 100 day mark that president trump is approaching. he said yesterday that he's accomplished more than any president ever or something like that. but that is demonstratively not true. in terms of what he rate, he's signed more executive orders than his predecessors. >> yeah. and some would say those executive orders aren't worth the paper they're written on. compared to past presidents, there was more action taken in congress, at least one piece of significant legislation that each that moved through. >> that they all had. but he has not yet. >> he put a lot of his chips on himself and paul ryan and their sort of idea about getting
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health care reform through without really having, you know, ultimately coalition and being willing to make the deals with the far right or moderate republicans. but also you have a government that hasn't been filled out. you have a federal burr rack rasy where they haven't filled major key deputy positions, sent one name they've had is judge gorsuch and people thought he was a candidate to get through a republican controlled senate. >> okay. gentlemen, thank you very much. great to talk to you. coming up in moments, we should let you know we will be speaking to karen handle, the one who came in second in that high profile house race and we'll see how she explains how well the democrat did. >> we'll also have tom perez. what does he make of georgia? is that type of money infusion sustainable? all right. we also have breaking news. the massachusetts department of
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correction confirming to cnn that convicted murder and former patriots star aaron hernandez committed suicide in prison a few hours a ago. what do we know, dave? >> this is a suicide. corrections officers found hernandez dead in his cell at 3:05 a.m. hernandez was rushed to the hospital, was declared dead an hour later, just after 4:00 this morning. officers say hernandez hung himself with a bed sheet that was attached to the windowsill in his single cell. hernandez reportedly tried to block with door with various items to corrections officers could not enter the cell. hernandez's suicide comes just five days after he was acquitted on a 2012 double murder in boston. relatively inconsequential being he was serving a life sentence without parole for the 2013 murder of former semipro
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football player odin lloyd. he is survived by his four-year-old daughter. i reached out to current and former players, none of whom have any comment about this. but the team spokesman says we are aware of the reports. i don't anticipate that we'll be commenting today. now, they will be at the white house, as joe john said. our reporters will certainly ask the players for some comment about the suicide. >> okay, dave. thank you very much for all of that reporting. well, president trump says he's done more in his 90 days than any other administration. is that true? does tom cole agree? he joins us next. i don't miss much... definitely not the traffic. excuse me, doctor... the genomic data came in. thank you. you can do that kind of analysis? yeah, watson. i can quickly analyze millions of clinical and scientific reports to help you tailor treatment options
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a nail biter in georgia's special house race. this upstart democrat, jon ossoff nearly pulled off a huge upset in a deeply republican district. now the race heads to a run off with major implications for the gop's majority in the house. for reaction let's bring in tom cole of oklahoma. he serves on the appropriations committee and budget committee. congressman, thank you for being on "new day" as always. >> thanks for having me. >> you said the goal was to keep ossoff under 50%. but for him to get 48% of the vote when nobody really knows who he is. he doesn't even live in his own district, what does that tell
5:18 am
you about the relative strength and challenge you might have going into mid-term? >> well, it tells me first that this race was much more about the president than it was about any of the candidates. and, frankly, it is interesting to me. you look at the totals. if you add up the republicans, it mirrors what the outcome was in the general election between hillary clinton and president trump. so i think that was the basic dynamic. the real question for us going forward is we make this a race between the two candidates themselves. that works to our advantage. we took a big step in the right direction last night. we did what they had to do. they didn't win. now we've got two months. he's certainly very much in the race. i think his base remains energy guised. he's going to continue to be well funded. republicans now have to get united. we have a very capable candidate and i think we have the time and the resources to get the job done. >> the argument comes down to who is we and why does he have a base. we should be the party headed up
5:19 am
by gonl trump. there seems to be some indication here that this was a unique effort he put into this race. it was more than we've seen him do in the previous ones. he went off ossoff personally and intensely on twitter. do you think he hurt the ticket? >> no, i don't. i think, look, we needed everything to go right last night and frankly it did and the president was a big part of that. he's still got the biggest megaphone on the planet if you're president of the united states. so pointing out that ossoff did not come from the district, waking up republicans that they needed to get out and vote, those were extremely helpful things. so i think we did what we needed to do last night. going forward, you know, again, there is still a lot of work to do. but i think we probably have a little bit more momentum and we probably blunted democratic
5:20 am
momentum last night. >> tom price was a walk over there. he won with 60% of the vote and now you have a new democrat getting almost 50%? >> you have to look at the district. you're correct, this is a republican district but it is not a strongly trump district just as there are democratic districts that are trump districts. so the constellations is not a traditional republican coalition. mitt romney won this seat by over 20 points as well. it does tell you this is the kind of seats that democrats would and should focus on and where they need to win. last night they weren't able to do that. we'll see how we did on june 20th. >> the president said nobody has done more in their first 90 days. we have a scorecard. it is not a good scorecard other than neil gorsuch, having a nominee in there is big. the other ones other than
5:21 am
withdrawing from tpp, which is a very undetermined outcome at this point, he has not had a great start. do you agree with the president that he has had the best 90 days? >> well, i think it is a mixed bag, but i think some of that responsibility lies on the republicans in congress, not on the president. look, i don't think he gets nearly the credit he deserves, nor congress, frankly, for the deregulatory thrusts here. we have moved 15 congressional review bills through congress. that's a record by far, unduing a lot of the regulations of the obama era. i think the president does get credit and frankly so does the senate for gorsuch. i think he's got a great national security team in place. but clearly the big failure of the opening part of the hyundais has been our inability in the house to get repeal and replace of obamacare across the floor. we'll get another crack at that. but i don't blame the president for that.
5:22 am
i blame the republican congress. we failed. this is one republicans in the house need to look in the mirror and get their act together and get this legislation moving. i think we will. >> the president agrees with you about that cht he was saying in a speech that people need to get after their congressman and that you guys dropped the ball and people need to get after you. let me ask you something. what happened in syria raised an issue often forgotten in the halls of congress, which is it is on you guys to declare war. the authorization for the use of military force, now that the foreign agenda and in particular and potential military is in the air as a move, that aumf is from 2001. do you think there is a chance we will see congress have a meaningful debate about what is authorized in terms of force around the world? >> i certainly hope so. i have been arguing this for years and literally democrats in a bipartisan coalition.
5:23 am
frankly, the leadership of those parties in the house has not wanted to have a vote on the use of military force. and they don't -- the reason they want to try to protect their members. democrats and republican leaders. the reality is we're paid to vote. >> right. >> and the constitution is pretty clear on this. so i don't think there is any excuse for congress not taking this up. the president ought to submit on his own something president obama didn't do, really, for many, many months and years really, a new, you know, request for the authorization and use of military force. we should debate it and pose the approach limits and go from there. to the president's defense on syria, i think he was enforcing president obama's red line. and he had the right to do that. that was a one strike thing. i don't think that required congressman approval. but we're in sustained military activity against isis. i think that does require a new authorization because isis didn't exist in 2002 and we
5:24 am
certainly weren't fighting in syria and didn't expect to be. if you are fighting against a new enemy in new places it seems to me you need a new authorization. >> thank you very much for being on "new day" as always. >> so what does last night's georgia congressional race mean for president trump? coming up, we'll have karen handel in that run off. how does she explain the democrats huge margin there? . you might not ever just stand there, looking at it. you may never even sit in the back seat. yeah, but maybe you should. ♪ (laughter) ♪
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the high profile congressional race in georgia is heading to a run off. democrat jon ossoff came within two percentage points of outright winning the seat in a red district. we will talk with the republican contender karen handel. first let's get some reaction from dnc chair tom perez. good to have you on the show. the president raised his hand and says we did it. we kept the democrats from getting the seat outright and that's what victory was defined
5:29 am
as. do you agree with his celebration? >> well, he spiked the football quite early, chris. and here's the reality. this is a heavily gerry manderred district that tom price won by 60% last time around. here you have jon ossoff and pundits were i saying his high watermark would be 43%. and by the way, there is about 30, 35,000 democrats who voted in the presidential election who didn't vote here. so we know we have an army of volunteers that are helping jon ossoff. i am going to be in georgia tomorrow. we have energy. and in mrs. handel, you have a candidate that is a very height candidate. she was the person who stopped supporting breast cancer
5:30 am
screenings at planned parenthood. she supports the effort to repeal the affordable care act. she is a career politician who spends a lot of money. i'd rather be jon ossoff than karen handel right now. the progressive energy out there is palpable and the volunteers are out there. the dnc is all in and other partners all in. i feel good. >> the question is this repeatable success in some of these close call places where clinton won but you have current republican congressional members in the seats? you spent a lot of money here. and the money was important and relevant in boosting jon ossoff. but is that repeatable. >> i think we could do that in the next 60 days here. by the way, he was outspent 2 to 1.
5:31 am
they hit the panic button big-time. >> i'm saying one against 18 in terms of spending. you guys put a lot of money in this race. you couldn't do that in every race, could you? >> the democrat party, we have to walk and chew gum and that's exactly what we're doing. we're investing heavily here in the georgia six race, but we're building strong parties everywhere. that's what we have to do because that's where we fell short in the past, we allowed our basic infrastructure to atrophy and we have to build sfro strong parties and have organizers around. and then we have to articulate our message, our message that america works best when we have shared prosperity, not just prosperity for a few at the top. when we lead with our values and communicate our message, that's when we succeed. >> how is it going?
5:32 am
you're out on the road with bernie sanders, which should be a book in and of itself. in maine there is obviously work to be done in consolidating the party. what are you seeing? >> seeing a lot of energy out there. we were in maine, as you said, on monday. it's all about listening to people. the party needs to make more house calls. that's what i'm doing, listening and learning. and people want a democratic party that's fighting for their values, fighting for health care as a right, fighting for good jobs that pay a decent wage, telling the story of donald trump's failure and his lies. but not just holding donald trump accountable, standing up for our beliefs. and that's what i'm hearing everywhere. and i feel like we've got some great wind at our back and great energy and we've got thousands of people showing up at these places and we're having good conversation. i think good leaders, chris, are good listeners. i have been doing a lot of
5:33 am
listening on the road and there is a lot of excitement. people want to make sure the democratic party you can seeds. you look at what happened. in kansas we moved the needle 24 points. we're going to get up above 50% here and we're going to walk and chew gum elsewhere, not only in federal races but municipal races like omaha and nebraska nebras and elsewhere. >> all right. well that's certainly how you get to the presidency is by building. >> always a pleasure. >> so you just got the democrats take on what happened. now let's hear from the republican candidate in that run off race. karen handel joins us how. karen, good morning. >> thanks so much for having me. >> you just tweeted moments ago to donald trump, thank you for the call this morning. what did the president tell you? >> he just called to say congratulations and encourage me and let me know that as we go
5:34 am
into june 20th, that it's all hands on deck for republicans and we take it very seriously, and i'm proud to be the republican going to the run off and i think it's important in this district. this is a district where people know me and they trust me. and that's a big contrast to the democrat who doesn't even live in the district. gosh, he couldn't even vote for himself yet. >> yeah. let's talk about how he got more than 48% of the vote. this is a republican district, as you know. it was the district of newt gingrich. tom price won there by something like more than 60%. how did a democrat get more than 48% last night? >> well, let's just keep in mind that on the democrat side they were largely consolidated around their kor nated candidate here and they spent upwards of close to $10 million just on tv alone. $5.5 million compared to roughly $75,000 that i spent on
5:35 am
television. to money buys a lot when it is a very compressed race. that won't be the same in the run off. republicans are united. we know this is an important race and it is going to stay in the hands of a republican, and i'm excited about the next 60 days. >> when you look at the numbers, what's getting a lot of attention this morning is this seems to be about more than just money spent because he got more than 48% of the vote. he almost won it out right. he had gotten less than two more points and he would have been over that 50% mark. so is this a referendum on president trump? is this a message that democrats are sending somehow? >> no. i think it is important to understand that if there was one republican, it was 52 to 48 or 49, so it still would have been a republican victory. what i hear out across the district is this, the people of this district want a congressman that they know, that they trust, someone who has a real track record. they're not interested in
5:36 am
someone who doesn't even live in the district, someone who has a really thin resume and very lacking in experience. >> sure. but clearly voters responded to him somehow. there is something appealing about jon ossoff since so many people turned out to vote for him. what do you think it is? >> look, i think money buys a lot. this is the world of politics and this is where we are. at the end of the day the people in this district they want a solid independent minded conservative, someone like me they know they could trust. and i'm very confident as we come into the next 60 days. >> do you think president trump will come to georgia and campaign with you? >> i would hope so. all republicans, it is all hands on deck for us. we know what is at stake here and i don't think that this is about any one person. we all have to rise above it, that it is about the district that has a long legacy of republican leadership, from my good friend tom price to senator
5:37 am
isaac son and former speaker newt gingrich. we are all including the republican candidates, we are all going to be united because we know what our job is over the next 60 days. >> president trump only won there by one percentage point. are you certain he will be an asset for you in the district? >> again, it is all republicans all hands on deck. so we are going to be united. >> secretary karen handel thank you very much. we will be watching what happens from now until june. >> more on the breaking news that convicted murderer and former patriots star aaron hernandez killed himself in prison. the latest next. everywhere you went. who? i don't know, but you could know with new missed connections from match. check it out... oh, crossed paths with john. you had no idea. check out new missed connections on match. start for free today!
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wearable wellness can make in your life. go to, enter your e-mail to become part of the tommie copper community, and get 15% off your entire order, plus free shipping. life hurts. feel better. convicted murderer aaron hernandez found dead in his prison cell this morning. the department of corrections says the former new england patriots star killed himself. joining us now is cnn sports analyst christine brennan. your thoughts this morning? >> what an american tragedy in all ways now apparently complete. and no one saw this coming. obviously, the news i think shocks everyone as they're waking up and hearing this news. you think about aaron hernandez. of course, a murderer,
5:42 am
convicted, terrible, terrible things. this man was so linked with our culture. he caught passes from tim tebow in florida. he caught passes from tom brady. he was born in connecticut, the home of espn. you can't have a story more american than that and then to have it turn into a tragedy like this and always a loss of a life and of course the murder, it is just one of those things you say what could have been and how terrible the reality of what did happen really is. >> right. and then you get the flip side of it, something else he caught, obviously a life sentence for what was really an execution style first degree murder style against a man by all accounts, his good friend, odin lloyd chltd and that takes you into the question of did aaron hernandez just become a monster some day or is this something that you can trace back to reports about him when he was coming in from florida into the locker room, reports about his
5:43 am
temper, reports about his anger, reports about who he was with. is there a knowledge base that was ignored because of his stardom? >> great question. there were concerns about marijuana use. people knew he was in trouble. there are problems in florida when he played there. there were things, run ins with the law. he punched a bouncer at a bar. tim tebow was there obviously trying to help the situation and diffuse it. so this kid was trouble from the get-go. his dad died when he was 16. that is no excuse to commit murder. but these stories are out there of young men so troubled by not having a father figure at key moments in their lie. that is not an excuse, but i think the warning signs were there to answer your question, absolutely. clearly the nfl knew it. his draft stock fell. a lot of his money was
5:44 am
performance based because they were concerned about his behavior. i don't think anyone saw it going to the extent that it did. >> and then, of course, just the timing, christine. the patriots will be at the white house today. >> oh, i know. the questions now will come for all of them. after these events, of course, are wonderful celebrations. there is a little tinge of controversy about who's coming and who's not. but now every journalist will ask and the stake-out outside the white house, every question will be about aaron hernandez or most of them will, any ways. not so say it is an announced suicide and of course a man murdered someone. you think about this, it is not to celebrate it at all, but definitely will be taint everything, as it should. this is a question that has to be asked. >> and a tough spot for the players. they're there to celebrate. many remember aaron hernandez as a teammate, but they can't lose
5:45 am
perspective on the price paid by odin lloyd and his family. >> all right. democrats came close in georgia's high stakes congressional race. there will now be a run off. can they win it? what will it mean to the gop if they do? that in the bottom line from david axelrod next. >> a boxer became a coach. dr. sanjay gupta has his story in turning points. >> i don't like to lose. i don't like my fighters to lose. >> andres is a champion corner man who began his boxing career inside the rink. >> i started out in junior olympic category of amateur boxing, and i went on until my first golden glove tournament, which was at the age of 16. but when i went to the golden
5:46 am
glove physical i was told that i had high blood pressure, and i said to myself, what are you talking about? and i was tested again and the results were the same. >> he was stripped of his boxing credentials. unable to compete, he hung up his gloves and left the sport. >> at that point i was like, you know what, this is it. i'm finished. i'm done. >> stop with that job. >> until a persistent young boxer asked for his help. >> back to work. >> his confidence and his exuberance brought me back to where i was before. this time as a teacher it opened me back up to the sport that i did love. i think i've coached about a million people. sometimes you train an athlete and they're with you for two days and sometimes you train an athlete and they're with you for the rest of their lives. it is only because i love it. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn reporting. >> turning point, brought to you
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democrats and the president both claiming victory after the special election house race in georgia. democrat jon ossoff got more than 48% of the vote in the race for tom price's seat. tom price won just a few months ago by 23 points. so you did need 50% to win outright, so there is going to be a run off in june against republican karen handel. so who did win this race that isn't over yet? let's get the bottom line with cnn political commentator david axelrod. unusual to see the president this involved in one of these races. he wasn't like this in kansas. is he right to be claiming victory for keeping ossoff from 50%? >> well, i heard tom perez use a football analogy. so let me use one of my own. you're the republicans. you're the champions. you have held this seat for 37 years. the last time there was a race
5:52 am
here tom price won by 27 points. now this challenger you stop him an inch before the goal line so you send the game to overtime. so it's good. you live to fight another day. but there are fundamental problems with the team, and he's the problem. so, you know, now he gave himself credit. he thanked himself and it's good that he did because karen handel when she spoke to her supporters didn't and didn't mention him and as you can see in her own broadcast she wasn't terribly interested in talking about him. >> but she did say -- david, she did say he she hoped he would come down. >> she did. she did in answer to your question. she didn't exactly volunteer that. and she quickly shifted to, you know, it is all hands on deck. it is all republicans. it is not about one person and so on. clearly he was a liability there. he only won the district by a
5:53 am
point last november. and this is the kind of suburban district where you're going to have pitched battles come 2018. these are the battlegrounds that will determine the composition of the house. and it goes beyond that, you guys. because if republicans begin to feel that trump is a liability and that 2018 is going to be challenging, you are going to see incumbents retire. it is going to be harder to recruit kabd d recruit candidates and republicans will question how closely they should cling to the president on their votes in congress. so he can celebrate because he survived and the party survived a very certain test yesterday. >> he's doing that just now. he just twitted dems failed in kansas. now failing in georgia. it is now hollywood versus georgia on june 20th. sounds like something one of the
5:54 am
mcmans would come up with. >> so says the proprietor of "celebrity apprentice." i don't know where he fits into the equation here. but, look, that's going to be the campaign. he's being supported by liberal hollywood elites and they are trying to take this decision away from people in the district. that's going to be the republican campaign. i wouldn't necessarily want donald trump to be the guy carrying that message, though. >> i mean, ossoff is a carpet bagger from one mile away. he lives one mile down the road and he grew up in that district. i know a lot of people -- he admitted it in our district yesterday, why he doesn't live there because he's supporting his girlfriend, that they live together. so i don't know if that one is going to fly when it comes to the next election. >> i saw you trying to wrench a matrimonial agreement out of the whole deal. >> i turned into his mother. i know. that was -- i don't know what
5:55 am
happened. >> i saw that. i saw that. it was a great moment. but, look, no, i mean the fact is he's got some roots in the district. he grew up there. but this is common in these races. and it does actually matter. you find in these races that people do care about that. so this will be something they will plug away at, but they've got -- the republicans have significant headwinds and the significant headwinds come from the white house. >> all right, david. appreciate the bottom line, as always. thank you. >> all right, guys. have a great day. >> you too. all right. that's it for us. cnn news room with poppy harlow and john berman will pick up after this break and we will see you tomorrow. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin
5:56 am
trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you.
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z286nz zwtz
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y286ny ywty this is cnn breaking news. >> all right. good morning. the breaking news this morning. convicted murderer, aaron hernandez found dead in his prison cell. officials say he hanged himself. >> a former pro football player for the new england patriots was serving a life sentence for the killing of odin lloyd and he was recently found not guilty of murdering two other men in boston. a stunning development this morning. now with more. found dead in his cell this morning. >> good morning. 3:05 is when they found him.
6:00 am
he was in the correctional facility in massachusetts and they found him dead within his cell. a bed sheet he had used to hang himself and attach it to his window. but even more than that, things were piled up to the back of the door of his cell so that someone conceivably couldn't get in. at this point we do not know if there was a suicide note. authorities are not releasing that. mash shoe set state police are on the scene with the investigation. they tried to revive him at 3:05 while emergency % neal were on the way to the prison. they transported him to the local hospital. pronounced dead at 4:09 this morning and we do have a statement from the district attorney's office, tom quinn. this was the office that prosecuted aaron hernandez in the murder of odin lloyd and he is serving a life term. the quote is this is a shocking


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